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Daycare Cameras

We have partnered with KidsVision to provide you streaming video of your child! Click here to find out more information.

With our KidsVision system, you can WATCH YOUR CHILDREN FROM ANY COMPUTER, TABLET, OR MOBILE PHONE with an Internet connection. From work, home, or on the road, you can stay connected to your family!

Our KidsVision system allows you to keep up with your child's daily activities and schedule, monitor their development progress, and see their interaction with other children.

Get Started

Sneak a peak during the day, or watch for hours at a time! There are no additional fees for the amount of time you spend using the system. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can enjoy the added piece of mind that our KidsVision video system provides parents.

Once your child is enrolled at Briarwood Children's House, you will need to apply for your username and password. You can download and print the required form here or pick up a copy of the form at your daycare center. After completing and signing, please return the form to the montessori. Once approved, your usernames and passwords will be activated. You can access the online streaming video by clicking below:

Camera Login

Tech Support

If you are able to login to our secure web cam area, but need further technical assistance, you should contact KidsVision toll free at 1.888.Kids.Vsn (888.543.7876), submit a support request form, or email KidsVision at A KidsVision support techncian will respond promptly to any technical support issues you have.

High Quality Video

KidsVision uses state of the art technology providing parents with the highest quality viewing experience. KidsVision employs MPEG4 technology, the same technology used by today's DVD players.

Maximum Security

As parents, our main focus is always reliability and security. KidsVision engineers have tested and retested our system to ensure the highest quality viewing experience while protecting against unauthorized access. KidsVision systems use 128bit encryption to protect your usernames and passwords, the maximum level of encryption technology allowable by law.