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Ready, Set, Go!

20 Jun 2013

Another school year is on our door step! We hope you all had a great summer and welcome back to school, we missed you!

Welcome to all of our new friends, we are glad to have you! We will help both you and your child adjust to your new school life with us. We have plenty of hugs and comfort to give to all!

There are many ways you can stay connected to your child and to the school -

KidVision will allow you to view your child any time during the day by simply logging in through
our school website. This process is still underway as the school has to be wired and fitted with cameras.
We will keep you posted!

Like Us and join us on Facebook - A fun way to see what's going on in the school and to participate with other families in our school community.

This year we will be using Montessori Compass - this software program made just for Montessori schools will allow us to record keep and track your children's progress more simply and efficiently! The parent portal feature will allow you to view your child's portfolio online so you may view photos of work your child is experiencing in the classroom.

Be sure to join our literacy blog - Montessori Hear-Say to follow as our children take their journey to writing and reading!

Happy Friday to all, enjoy the weekend and see you Monday for the first day of school!