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Briarwood is closed today, November 20, 2018

About Us

Operating Hours

Briarwood Children's House will be open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday year round. We ask that your child is not in attendance longer than a ten hour day.

Holiday closings are paid tuition days. A full week's tuition is due for these weeks. If a holiday falls on a weekend, the holiday will be observed on the day before or the day after the actual holiday.

Briarwood will recognize and close for the following 12 Federal holidays:

  • January - New Year's Eve, New Year's Day & Martin Luther King Day
  • May - Memorial day
  • July - July 4th
  • September - Labor Day
  • October - Comlumbus Day
  • November - Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day & the day after
  • December - Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Staff Workshop Days: The Department of Education requires 5 staff in-service days. These are days we are closed to families but staff train and work in the school without the children.

Please check our School Calendar for actual dates of Holidays and School Closures.

In service day Months: Dates to be announced

  • February
  • April
  • August
  • October
  • December

Age Specific Programs

Briarwood Children's House is a full-service Montessori school caring for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Our program is developmentally designed to meet the needs of the children and not designed by chronological age to push children along who are not developmentally ready or hold children back who are developmentally on their own fast track.

Early Education at Briarwood offers each child the opportunity to develop every aspect of their person through experiences in learning Grace and Courtesies (social skills), developing both small and large body muscles, encouragement to think, question and analyze, materials to develop the senses that provide information about our surroundings, opportunities to develop listening and hearing skills along with speaking skills and vocabulary to put them on the road to reading, all the while looking at the bigger human picture beyond self by exploring our relationship with the world. Experiences with people, places, plants and animals of a region coincide with cultural music, dance and art. From their small little place in space, out the edge of our Universe and back, we carry on Dr. Montessori's legacy of world peace through the message that we are all the same.

One of our main educational goals is to reduce the number of children who develop later reading problems by engaging children at the preschool level in a rich phonological awareness instruction program.